About Us

History of the Atlantic Teachers’ Tour

In 1998, the Temperate Forest Foundation approached the Canadian Lumberman’s Association and the New Brunswick Forest Products Association and offered to help them develop a comprehensive forestry tour for local school teachers. This tour would bring teachers out to the woods and local mills to see how forests are managed, harvested and conserved, learn how the forest products we use every day are made, and explore career options with in Canada’s forest sector. The tour’s focus was to foster an open and free exchange of information and ideas on the social, economic, and environmental importance of the region’s forest industries.

Tours were held in 1998 and 1999, and based on their success, NBFPA asked the Atlantic Branch of the Canadian Woodlands Forum to adopt the teacher tour program because CWF was better equipped to deliver the program across the entire Atlantic region. The CWF responded enthusiastically, hosting the first Atlantic Teachers’ Tour in 2000 in Miramichi, NB.

Today, the Tour has become recognized as one of the best professional development programs in the region. Tours have been held in all three Maritime Provinces, exposing participants to the extent, vitality, and importance of the region’s forests and the people, industries, and communities who depend upon them. It is a collaborative effort among the forest product companies, academic organizations, governments, land owners, conservation groups and many, many others, as year after year, they come together to contribute their time, knowledge, and passion in the development of one truly awesome program.

The Canadian Woodland Forum hopes that this tour will help foster business-education partnerships between the forest sector and educators, by allowing teachers to make informed choices on sustainable forest management and possible career options for their students. The Canadian Woodlands Forum, along with it’s partners from across Atlantic Canada, would like to welcome you to our website, and hope to hear from you soon!

In addition to facilitating informed choices among educators, there are several benefits for teachers to become involved
in the tours.

The tours will help you in the following manner:

  • Showing you how sustainable forestry integrates social, economic and ecological needs across the forest landscape;
  • Giving you the resources to teach your students about sustainable forestry;
  • Putting a human face on the forest products industry;
  • Allowing you to ask complex questions of the foresters, biologists, engineers and top management;
  • Helping you see job and career opportunities for your students;
  • Teaching you about silviculture, biology and other sciences behind sustainable forestry;
  • Helping you understand society’s growing need for thousands of different forest products;
  • Allowing you to discover where the products you use everyday come from, how they’re grown, processed and distributed;
  • Giving you the opportunity to network with other teachers from across the region, sharing ideas and experiences, and;
  • Helping you understand how important and essential you are in presenting students with information on issues and options that allow them to make informed choices.

The Atlantic Teachers’ Tour program is developed
with the following key concepts:

  • Nature is dynamic: everything is connected and changing
  • Sustainable forestry integrates social, economic and ecological needs.
  • Foresters manage large landscapes over long time horizons.
  • Forestry is capital intensive.
  • Our highest technology is employed in the woods, mills and labs.
  • There is complete utilization of the resource.
  • We all use wood products.
  • Wood is an energy-efficient renewable resource.
  • Wood is an environmentally sound building material.
  • Regulations protect water, air, soil, fish and wildlife.
  • We can meet our material needs while protecting forest ecosystems
  • There are varied career opportunities across the industry.
  • We all need to make informed choices.